Our Team

Our Executive Director Roslyn is Australian and a long-term member of St Alban’s church. She took over the operations of St Alban’s Nursery in 2013, after it suffered severe losses following the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake and the church decided it would have to close. Happily, the Nursery soon recovered, and we celebrated its 50th Anniversary joyously this year. In her ‘other life,’ Roslyn is a former journalist and securities analyst, now president of Sangi Co., Ltd., a company specializing

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Our Summer Program was held on June 13th through July 8th, 2022. Learning about transportation, in general, helps preschoolers expand their world views. Children are curious about the world around them, so exploring common topics like transportation and vehicles help them categorize and make meaning in their daily encounters with them. We learned that vehicles are used for moving from one place to another; children were asked to name different vehicles, such as cars, planes, trains etc. Children were asked

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Upcoming Events

What: Orientation Day Where: St. Alban’s Nursery When: August 29, 2022 Time: 3:00 PM * Childcare services will be available upon request. For more information and reservation please contact Ms. Wen @ 070-3522-0720 or email [email protected] This year for the first time, St. Alban’s Nursery will spearhead a creative experience in our classroom to create a masterpiece for our “blank wall.” This will be led by a resourceful and very talented guest artist who will guide all our children and

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