Our Summer Program was held on June 13th through July 8th, 2022.

Learning about transportation, in general, helps preschoolers expand their world views. Children are curious about the world around them, so exploring common topics like transportation and vehicles help them categorize and make meaning in their daily encounters with them. We learned that vehicles are used for moving from one place to another; children were asked to name different vehicles, such as cars, planes, trains etc. Children were asked where they see these vehicles … Up in the air? On the ground? In the sea or under the sea? Our end goal was for them to understand the uniqueness and similarity of the different vehicles.

Week 1: Wheels On The Bus “The wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round, round and round. The wheels on the bus go round and round, all day long.”

Popcorn Snack Pop! Pop! Pop!
Part of that world with Ariel!

Week 2: We Go Traveling By“I spy with my little eye, you can hear with your little ear, a small yellow bike goes “ring, ring, ring” and we all go traveling by, bye bye and we all go traveling by.”

Stop & Go!
Looks like Freddie needs a little push. Thanks Yuki!
Let’s make Doctor Yellow!

Week 3: Down By The Station “Down by the station early in the morning, see the little puffer billies all in a row. See the engine driver pull the little lever “puff, puff, choo, choo” off we go.”

Build, build, build!
Off We Go! Choo….Choo,,,
Where’s the caboose Aaron?

Week 4: Up, Up, Up In A Balloon – “Up, up, up, up in a balloon. Up so high, I can touch the moon! Up, up, up, sailing with the clouds. Look at me I’m so high, I can fly, I know how!”

“This is my rainbow balloon, my rainbow, rainbow balloon. Up it goes, pull it down!”
Thank you Ran, Sara & Anna for putting our banner together!
Have a great Summer Everyone!!!